Warranty conditions

Spencer Italia S.r.l. (Manufacturer) provides the Products with a 12-month warranty (warranty conditions are also available in the user manuals).

It is the Customer's responsibility to inspect the Products immediately upon receipt. All claims regarding their quantity and/or quality must be reported to Barem OÜ (Seller) within eight days from the date of receipt of the Products.

In case of defects, the Seller must be informed of the claim in writing with the serial number of the Product within eight days - no later than 12 (twelve) months - from the date of discovery of the defect.

In the event of a defect on the part of the Manufacturer, the Seller has the option to (i) replace the Products or (ii) return the cost of these Products to the Customer after returning the Product to the Seller if the Manufacturer has recognized the defect as a defect on its part. Products can be returned to the Manufacturer only by agreement between the Customer and the Seller and according to the Manufacturer's instructions. In particular: (i) the return of a defective Product (or part thereof) must be pre-approved by the Manufacturer; (ii) defective Products (or part of them) are returned at the Customer's expense in properly packed original packaging (which is an essential condition for the validity of the warranty), strictly following the Manufacturer's instructions; (iii) The Customer provides the Seller with complete information about the defect in the Product (or its part).

In no case shall the Seller or the Manufacturer be liable for the non-intended use of the Products by the Customer and/or third parties or for damages caused to persons or property during its use. Neither the Seller nor the Manufacturer shall be liable under any circumstances for indirect and/or unforeseen damage.

Unless otherwise agreed, all repairs to the Products must be performed by the Seller, who offers high-quality repairs using original spare parts in accordance with the Manufacturer's instructions.

If this is ignored, the Manufacturer and the Seller waive all responsibility for the violation of the Product's warranty conditions.

The warranty does not cover costs, damages, and malfunctions caused by:

  • Improper installation and use of the Product that does not comply with the technical standards or safety regulations of the country where the Product is used;
  • non-purposeful use of equipment (use that does not comply with the instructions given in the manual);
  • corrections and/or changes that have not been expressly permitted by the Seller in advance;
  • refusal to pack products according to the Manufacturer's recommendations.
  • If the Customer fails to fulfill (even partially) the payment conditions, then the warranty is invalid.

The warranty does not cover accessories, components, materials, and/or equipment that are not manufactured by the Manufacturer.

All costs and risks related to the transportation of the Products to the Manufacturer or to a service center authorized by the Manufacturer shall be borne by the Customer.

Unless otherwise stated, the Customer must follow the "technical specifications" that provide the necessary safety.

The Customer must make sure of the suitability of the Product in advance by checking the dimensions and all other important details.

The technical specifications of the Products included in the price list may change.

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